Products: TeraMicro carries both new and used networking hardware, servers,
                 and parts including CISCO Systems, Juniper Networks, Nortel Alteon Switches, 
                 Foundry/Brocade, Extreme, Sun, HP/Compaq, IBM, Dell EMC2, and much more!


Network Equipment

CISCO Systems: Masters of network infrastructure, Cisco makes networking hardware products that are best-in-class
Variety of CISCO products offer secure, scalable, cost-effective remote manageability to everyone from the small business to the enterprise-level data center.

Juniper Networks: Juniper Networks offers excellent networking firewalls to secure valuable corporate environment by distinguished design with resilient and powerful performance.

Nortel Alteon Switches: The Alteon Application Switches from Nortel Networks enable application optimization, delivery, and high availability through the use of sophisticated application/device load balancing, intelligent traffic management, application redirection, application-layer security, security acceleration, and bandwidth management. The ideal solution for enterprises, e-businesses, content providers, and service providers that want to enable high-performance application server farms, data centers, and networks.

Foundry/Brocade: Foundry Networks is one of the leading providers of high-performance enterprise and service provider switches, routers and network hardware.
Foundry Networks' routers and switches are used by large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) metropolitan service providers, and both small and large enterprises.

Brocade networking solutions provide industry-leading capabilities for storage, Ethernet, and converged networking environments.

Extreme: Networking solutions from Extreme help protect your technology investment and keep your network optimized. Extreme's Black Diamond, Summit and Alpine series of networking solutions can help you build the simple, powerful network infrastructures you want.

Servers & Storage

SUN servers
SUNS servers have Blade, Fire and Netra families.

IBM servers have following server families:
IBM AS/400
IBM I-Series
IBM P-Series
IBM RS-6000
IBM x-Series

HP/COMPAQ server have following families.
Integrity/HP9000 Servers
HP Workstations
Blade Enclosures
HP Blade Servers

EMC solutions deliver the ability to store, manage, protect and share your critical information. EMC is the leader in storage, disk-based backup, and security.